Friday, 3 August 2012

two drops and two marks

15 Ramadan 1433


 my mind took too long to generate any idea to post anything in this blog. and always sitting in front of the lappy blogwalking and facebooking. trying to induce my mind to think. so, i just wanna share a hadith told by an imam last night during the teraweeh prayer.
'There is nothing more beloved to Allah than two drops and two marks: A tear shed due to fear of Allah, and a drop of blood spilled in the path of Allah. And as for the two marks, then a mark caused in the path of Allah, and a mark caused by fulfilling one of the duties made obligatory by Allah..
Hasan - collected by at-Tirmidhi and al-Mishkat (3837).


shedding tears is not a sissy thing to do. our noble Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w , who is the best of all creation, would weep as would all his Sahaabah. Tears are a genuine expression of fear of Allah's Punishment and our sincere love and awe of Him, The Almighty. But how often do we remember Allah in seclusion and are moved to tears? how often we count the blessing? have we ever feel shame of asking again, again and again from Allah, that when we raise our hands we can just cry ? How much do we laugh and how little do we weep?

our brothers in sisters in other Islamic country (Syria, Myanmar, Palestine, Somalia etc)
are suffering right now
they are all the time in fear
when we in Malaysia concern about when to stop eating? on Imsak or before adzan Suboh?
there, they doubt either their fast are accepted without suhoor and iftar?
again count the blessing dear!

think about it dear brothers and sisters!
we still have 14 nights before Ramadan leave us
let's wake up and send them dua'a
let's appreciate every second in this Ramadan
let's be stronger and tougher this Ramadan
take the opportunity to wake up early for suhoor
and make at least two rakaah of prayer
especially for those who are currently on holiday
we might never have this leisure time again for the next few years or maybe for the rest of our life :(

let's muhasabah

souce of information:

SHAYKH CRIES FROM QUESTION + SOMALIA + BURMA (fasting/siyaam) (Ramdan 2012, no suhoor or
"Sheikh Abdulaziz Fawzan crying" (this is in arabic which i also didn't understand)
Jangan Bazir Ramadan

please visit the links for enlightenment of the hadith and other issue about Ramadan!
till next time

post ini sangat melempang diri sendiri n smga anda yg membacanya akan terkena lempangan ini jga... :)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

i'm simply stupid


the day i came back from a shopping mall, one question suddenly crossed my mind. can i say i'm not clever?  "aku dah usaha dan nie je yg aku mampu" oh, please! if we really had tried our best, then it's ok. but what if we didn't? how can we be very sure that we really had done our best?

we always complain about our life. sometimes we complain we have so many assignments but weirdly have enough time to watch Korean dramas. sometimes we complain we don't understand the lectures but not willingly to study on our own. sometimes we complain we have bad memories but we frequently eat junk foods. sometimes we complain we feel so far from Allah but we don't make efforts to approach Allah by increasing our ibadah. and so many more.

so, in that case, can we just redha and simply blame on takdir (read: fate)? NO! we must try our best in everything we do.  indeed i believe we actually commit sins by not trying our best. many people say after they got bad results in their exam that it's just Allah wants to test them. yes! it's true. but is Allah just testing us for nothing? no, to increase our level of taqwa. however we shouldn't repeat the same mistakes. "today is better than yesterday" should be our tagline. improvement is a must,  
“Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in 

themselves.” (Quran 13:11) 

"menguasai bukan sekadar mengetahui" this is actually the gist of this post. we should try anything that will help us in achieving what we want. anything as long as it is permitted by Allah. learn from the best. this is a solution to bring Islam to the top again. most of us nowadays just knowing but not mastering in what we learn. that's the problem on why we still cannot repeat the Islam's golden age. i recalled back a talk given by  PROF Madya Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj  , that she said we should make our result as a benchmark to evaluate our relationship with Allah. and i think it is not wrong. especially to those who hold the title of dai'e. stop being a fitnah to Islam. don't make our works in spreading Allah's love as the reason for our failure. indeed we should be an example for our mad'u.

above all, when something had happened it is what Allah had planed for us. but before that we must try our best...


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tazkiyatun Nafsi


last two weeks, to be exact on 21st and 22nd of June 2012, i took part in Tazkiyatun Nafsi Camp at my former school as a facilitator. one day before that my ustazah called, asking me to come to school for an emergency meeting. i was very shocked because i supposed to go to school on 21st in the morning. :) . after stuffing my bag with clothes, towel and etc , i went to school after maghrib; not to disappoint the ustazah. but that night was a meeting with the form four school prefects only. to my surprise,,, this is not an usual camp. huhuhu... there was no handout at all and we were supposed to plan activities for the LDK (latihan dalam kumpulan) . even i was a naqibah tak bertauliah   when i was in that school, i don't really know on how to handle a program . we were like plunge midwives (don't really know the exact words -_- ; read: bidan terjun)  Fuh!!! (sambil lap peluh

i learned that this camp was for the 'selected' ones. that made me thought a lot on how to win their hearts. btw, be clarified that it was not a Juvenile Camp. it was a camp for those who want to purify their hearts. who want to be a better person. which soon i learned that they are not what like others think. they just wanted to be a bit naughty. they wanted to make the class more happening. they wanted to stay with their friends. enjoy their life. they wanted to discover the world. and they also have high curiosity. to try this and that. so don't be so judgemental!

fyi, this camp was in collaboration with Masjid Telipot which i thought was a brilliant idea. to 'imarah'kan masjid. don't you think it was a good idea? why not... i could see that the jemaah were really excited to receive us. that night we were served with laksa and some side delicacies. because nowadays teenagers are not really 'friendly' to the masjid. so, we marched to Masjid Telipot twice, in the evening of 21st June and in the morning after qiamullail on 22nd June. it was like calling the villagers to join us. because we were wearing telekong while marching, some asked "nak gi mana dik?" (read: where are you going, sis?)

so, because of lack of experiences and other technical problem the first LDK was cancelled and the second LDK was changed to Dhuha's prayer. thus, we just needed to handle the third LDK (act it was not really conducted in groups -_-)  ... LDK 3...we showed the audience with 
                                                                    Hot Scandal


                                                                            Cafe Cinta

and Alhamdulillah, the audience were attracted to these two videos.... :) (senyum sampai ke telinga)

the last LDK was 'Tasmik Bacaan Solat' which we thought to be conducted by ustaz and ustazah...and again i had to become bidan terjun one more time. i was like "hey! why me?!" and i was speechless. Ya Allah! i'm not good enough in this. btw i'd tried my best. May Allah forgives me for all my mistakes and weakness. seriously i was really afraid and nervous. so, please check the links and videos below...may these help us in improving our solah...

that's all.
salam nisfu sya'ban...
antara malam doa dikabulkan Allah!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to wake up easily?

referring to the title.
i'm going to list down some of the ways and method that i use.
sometime it worked out and sometime didn't
but all these are based on my observations and readings

1. don't eat
~don't eat before sleeping. eating before sleeping will make us lazy and comfortable to that condition. and also will weaken our brains.

2. intention
~before sleeping tell ourselves "tomorrow i want to wake up at 4 a.m" and also plan on what you want to do the time you wake up

3. 3 qul
~this is sunnah. recite the 3 quls, blow to our palms and then rub our palms through our bodies.

4. sleep before 12
~my friend told me that if we don't sleep from 11 pm to 1 am we'll need more time to recover our energy

5. read
~read anything before sleep. because when we sleep our short term memory will be send to our long term memory. so, this will increase the retention of what we learn.

6. get out of the comfort zone
~switch on the light (if possible don't sleep in  a room with totally dark)
~switch off the fan  (some fans have timer application)

~drink a lot of water. this will make us want to piss in the morning.  want it or not we have to wake up and release the urine  to the toilet bowl.  don't hold it because it can cause the building of kidney stones. :)

8. take bath
~with coooooool water  (don't be like goat)

9. alarm
~always change the ringtone of the alarm. and set it with something that u don't like to hear. like sound of cackled woman
so that u'll be fresher  :)


hayya nata'allam lughotul arabiyah

this is a video on how to remember tasrif fe'el madhi...
read it from pinkie to thumb
it is the same method for fe'el mudhori'
i hope this video will be useful for us...

if there is/are mistakes, plese let me know...just sharing!
editted with , movie maker , audacity

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Secret Results

no this is not another cake house
it's about the results
alhamdulillah, last week the result for Tamhidi's students had been revealed
so, again alhamdulillah i managed to fulfill the requirement to be accepted to MBBS USIM
 that's mean..insyaAllah i'll will further my studies in Pandan Indah, Ampang.
please pray for me and my friend to eventually become a Mu'min and Mu'minat Doctors.

this post actually is a respond to Result written by my friend, Humaira Mahpa.
what was written by her also reflected my perception
i rarely concealed my results
whenever people asked i just say it

this time i was trying to conceal it because something happened when i was in sem 1
there is one of my friends
she...was mad at me (i thought so la...)
because we were supposed to do our assignment that night but i requested to postpone it to the weekend
but she told me that she wanted to space the weekend to do revision for the quizzes, and she also said that it's okay for me (to do the assignment on weekend instead of revision)  because i'm clever.

ok. that statement made me thought.
what actually made her thought so?!
because i'm not
i'm just average
(ok, i admit that i am so blessed. that SOMETIMES i got quite good result.)
and so i jumped into a conclusion that is because i didn't conceal mine
and i know there are many more persons that are better than me

it can't be hidden
i just can't hide it
when people asked me
i didn't want to  let them down
i just told them
and sometimes i felt guilty for hiding somethings from my best friends

when it spreaded i'm afraid that "riya'" will appear in my "seketul darah" (reads:hearts)

i've some friends which their results are really confidential
which until the end we don't know how much she got and
tuptup (reads: suddenly) she's in the dean's list
btw i respect their principle of lifes
for this kind of persons,
i believe they didn't want tell others because they were afraid of "riya'"

for me
most of the times
i would like to know my friends results
first, i can know i'm on which level
second, i know who is/are good in certain subject so that i know who i can consult
third, i want to help my friends who are less bright

but it can be a benchmark on how much we know

in a nutshell
just do what we believe are right
we can never satisfy everyone
for me, "hiding" is not a really good style because it cannot bring up the spirit to compete to each other which eventually will affect our society.


Sunday, 20 May 2012



last sunday, there is a death near my house
and u know what
that sunday was Mother's Day
and the one that had died was a mother

last friday
one of my tamhidi friend
had went back to her Creator
although we didn't know each other

kullu nafsin zaiqotul maut

every person will feel the death
i remembered there is one person that really make this as his motto

the late Steve Jobs
yes he did it
to be a successful person

Orang yang paling BIJAK ialah orang yang selalu ingat kepada mati dan sentiasa bersedia untuk mati (dengan melakukan amal ibadah)...
(Maksud Hadis)

i did visited my neighbour that i mentioned earlier
remembering what should i do when visiting the dead
and suddenly the one that bathed the dead shouted
"can i ask some favour?! please keep quite!"
and few minutes later came an old man asking another favor
"u olls... why not 'donate' al-fatihah or al-ikhlas to the dead instead of chatting?! she really needs it..."
(*in sad tone)
sometime our society don't really practise what Islam taught...
in another sight
it made me think how beatiful Islam is
as Islam don't allow us to moarn over the dead 
a YAY!!!
because InsyaAllah we will meet again in Jannah


Saturday, 12 May 2012

tamhidi perubatan


i was an ex-student of tahmhidi perubatan in USIM.
i know there are some usim-student-to-be are searching for information about this.
just like me before...searching for pictures n etc.

first, about ta'ruf week
on the registration day,
go early but not too early
because if you arrive at kolej kediaman early u can choose ur bed :)
upon arriving at stadium tertutup Nilai
wait on the seats in the stadium and watch what people are doing at ground floor
and u'll know what to do
if i'm not mistaken
first u have to submit all the forms and everything that they need
make sure u check everything that they need
if not it will become a havoc to you
esp the form of perjanjian asasi (kut..)
just follow what it needs
with the ballpoint pen
not wet ink
just follow
be obedient!
then, u need to go for photography session
fot the matric card
so wear the taaruf uniform when u go for the registration
pick ur goodies, house key, and matric card
and then,
move to ur kolej kediaman
at my time, it was in kolej kediaman Nilam Court
u have to go there with ur family
it takes about 20 minutes from the STN
if u reach early
u can pack ur things first
because u might not have enough time
as the taaruf days may start on the same day
taaruf in USIM was not really a taaruf
because most of the programs were listening to talks
some might come from politician
it was just 2/3 days
and yes u need to wear the taaruf uniform through the taaruf week
no need to make a lot of pairs because u'll need to wear that just during that period only

parents and family



the only transports during this time is bus
if u want to bring ur own cars or motorcycles
u're allowed but u have to apply for the permission first
it is easier and faster to move if u have ur own transports

about everyday life
8.30-5.30 lectures and tutorial
not everyday is full
on certain days maybe u can go back earlier
or go to campus later
u'll reach kknc about 6.30pm if u ride usim's bus
the journey from main campus to kknc take about 30 minutrs
before that u'll have to perform solat n wait for the bus 'patiently'
so when u arrive at kknc go n buy ur dinner first from the cafe or stalls outside kknc
and eat in ur house with ur housemates
so, at night u can have discussions, revisions, etc
and it rotates again the next day

about the house
or so called apartment
in a house there is 3 rooms with 8 persons (max)
and the beds are double-deckers
my room was a bit small n limited :')
but it was not a big problem though (yeke?)
it also has kitchen, bathroom, toilet, middle space (like living room..maybe)
and place to hang wet clothes
unfortunately i don't have all the pictures...
ur house address would be like this
eg: D-5-1-1
means block D
level no 5
house no 1
and room no 1
usually medic student will got room no 1
which is a room with 4 occupants

the lecturers
they are ohsem!!!
especially Mr. ARHO
(Mr. Abdul Rahim Haji Omar)
he teaches physics

what else??!!

seindah perhiasan

Thursday, 10 May 2012

i want to be a good muslimah

i just finished reading 'Tautan Hati' by Fatimah Syarha.
it is a good book. it is really suitable to be read by all muslimeen and muslimat.
the book covers a lot of issues such as dakwah, baitul muslim, akeedah, and so on.
it really give a spirit to change.
change to a better person. i always want to change.
and day by day i try to improve myself.
but yet i'm not really strong to always istiqamah.
humans..their faith(iman) have ups and downs.

what this book has told me is about the real da'wah.
before this i was a naqibah in my former school.
so i should be so familiar with the dakwah things.
but yet after i read this book, i think i was really far to reach the title of da'e.
if i am able to fo back to my past, i would to change and upgrade what had i done that time.
our jobs in this duniya are always as a servant and khalifah of Allah.
to promote ma'ruf and prevent mungkar.
to ask people to Allah.
to know Allah.
to know Islam.

i believe it's not easy to become a good muslimah.
we have to overcome a lot of obstacles.
from anyone and anything.
especially from our own nafsu...

i found this on facebook...
i've been looking for it  for quite a long time.
since i read 'Versus' by Hlovate.
it's also called as mutaba'ah amal...

if possible i want to make copies of this and distribute to all my sahabat...

Oh, Allah! please give us strengths to change for find Your love!
Please blessed us with Your love O Allah!

wallahu a'lam...