Sunday, 20 May 2012



last sunday, there is a death near my house
and u know what
that sunday was Mother's Day
and the one that had died was a mother

last friday
one of my tamhidi friend
had went back to her Creator
although we didn't know each other

kullu nafsin zaiqotul maut

every person will feel the death
i remembered there is one person that really make this as his motto

the late Steve Jobs
yes he did it
to be a successful person

Orang yang paling BIJAK ialah orang yang selalu ingat kepada mati dan sentiasa bersedia untuk mati (dengan melakukan amal ibadah)...
(Maksud Hadis)

i did visited my neighbour that i mentioned earlier
remembering what should i do when visiting the dead
and suddenly the one that bathed the dead shouted
"can i ask some favour?! please keep quite!"
and few minutes later came an old man asking another favor
"u olls... why not 'donate' al-fatihah or al-ikhlas to the dead instead of chatting?! she really needs it..."
(*in sad tone)
sometime our society don't really practise what Islam taught...
in another sight
it made me think how beatiful Islam is
as Islam don't allow us to moarn over the dead 
a YAY!!!
because InsyaAllah we will meet again in Jannah


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