Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to wake up easily?

referring to the title.
i'm going to list down some of the ways and method that i use.
sometime it worked out and sometime didn't
but all these are based on my observations and readings

1. don't eat
~don't eat before sleeping. eating before sleeping will make us lazy and comfortable to that condition. and also will weaken our brains.

2. intention
~before sleeping tell ourselves "tomorrow i want to wake up at 4 a.m" and also plan on what you want to do the time you wake up

3. 3 qul
~this is sunnah. recite the 3 quls, blow to our palms and then rub our palms through our bodies.

4. sleep before 12
~my friend told me that if we don't sleep from 11 pm to 1 am we'll need more time to recover our energy

5. read
~read anything before sleep. because when we sleep our short term memory will be send to our long term memory. so, this will increase the retention of what we learn.

6. get out of the comfort zone
~switch on the light (if possible don't sleep in  a room with totally dark)
~switch off the fan  (some fans have timer application)

~drink a lot of water. this will make us want to piss in the morning.  want it or not we have to wake up and release the urine  to the toilet bowl.  don't hold it because it can cause the building of kidney stones. :)

8. take bath
~with coooooool water  (don't be like goat)

9. alarm
~always change the ringtone of the alarm. and set it with something that u don't like to hear. like sound of cackled woman
so that u'll be fresher  :)


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