Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tazkiyatun Nafsi


last two weeks, to be exact on 21st and 22nd of June 2012, i took part in Tazkiyatun Nafsi Camp at my former school as a facilitator. one day before that my ustazah called, asking me to come to school for an emergency meeting. i was very shocked because i supposed to go to school on 21st in the morning. :) . after stuffing my bag with clothes, towel and etc , i went to school after maghrib; not to disappoint the ustazah. but that night was a meeting with the form four school prefects only. to my surprise,,, this is not an usual camp. huhuhu... there was no handout at all and we were supposed to plan activities for the LDK (latihan dalam kumpulan) . even i was a naqibah tak bertauliah   when i was in that school, i don't really know on how to handle a program . we were like plunge midwives (don't really know the exact words -_- ; read: bidan terjun)  Fuh!!! (sambil lap peluh

i learned that this camp was for the 'selected' ones. that made me thought a lot on how to win their hearts. btw, be clarified that it was not a Juvenile Camp. it was a camp for those who want to purify their hearts. who want to be a better person. which soon i learned that they are not what like others think. they just wanted to be a bit naughty. they wanted to make the class more happening. they wanted to stay with their friends. enjoy their life. they wanted to discover the world. and they also have high curiosity. to try this and that. so don't be so judgemental!

fyi, this camp was in collaboration with Masjid Telipot which i thought was a brilliant idea. to 'imarah'kan masjid. don't you think it was a good idea? why not... i could see that the jemaah were really excited to receive us. that night we were served with laksa and some side delicacies. because nowadays teenagers are not really 'friendly' to the masjid. so, we marched to Masjid Telipot twice, in the evening of 21st June and in the morning after qiamullail on 22nd June. it was like calling the villagers to join us. because we were wearing telekong while marching, some asked "nak gi mana dik?" (read: where are you going, sis?)

so, because of lack of experiences and other technical problem the first LDK was cancelled and the second LDK was changed to Dhuha's prayer. thus, we just needed to handle the third LDK (act it was not really conducted in groups -_-)  ... LDK 3...we showed the audience with 
                                                                    Hot Scandal


                                                                            Cafe Cinta

and Alhamdulillah, the audience were attracted to these two videos.... :) (senyum sampai ke telinga)

the last LDK was 'Tasmik Bacaan Solat' which we thought to be conducted by ustaz and ustazah...and again i had to become bidan terjun one more time. i was like "hey! why me?!" and i was speechless. Ya Allah! i'm not good enough in this. btw i'd tried my best. May Allah forgives me for all my mistakes and weakness. seriously i was really afraid and nervous. so, please check the links and videos below...may these help us in improving our solah...

that's all.
salam nisfu sya'ban...
antara malam doa dikabulkan Allah!


  1. Salam :)
    yeah, handling a camp is not just easy. we must have a perfect and proper planning. And also do not forget to have plan A, B until Z I think. hehe. so, when there is technical problem or etc, we can change activities immediately. :)
    ok, this weekend I'll take part in a camp at my former school as a facilitator. InshaAllah. pray for me and my friends. I hope everything is in order and goes well. :) (berdebar tak pasal2)

    1. wassalam
      you're right
      but then it was a sudden :)
      good luck dear!
      All da best...
      may Allah counts it as good deeds!