Thursday, 10 May 2012

i want to be a good muslimah

i just finished reading 'Tautan Hati' by Fatimah Syarha.
it is a good book. it is really suitable to be read by all muslimeen and muslimat.
the book covers a lot of issues such as dakwah, baitul muslim, akeedah, and so on.
it really give a spirit to change.
change to a better person. i always want to change.
and day by day i try to improve myself.
but yet i'm not really strong to always istiqamah.
humans..their faith(iman) have ups and downs.

what this book has told me is about the real da'wah.
before this i was a naqibah in my former school.
so i should be so familiar with the dakwah things.
but yet after i read this book, i think i was really far to reach the title of da'e.
if i am able to fo back to my past, i would to change and upgrade what had i done that time.
our jobs in this duniya are always as a servant and khalifah of Allah.
to promote ma'ruf and prevent mungkar.
to ask people to Allah.
to know Allah.
to know Islam.

i believe it's not easy to become a good muslimah.
we have to overcome a lot of obstacles.
from anyone and anything.
especially from our own nafsu...

i found this on facebook...
i've been looking for it  for quite a long time.
since i read 'Versus' by Hlovate.
it's also called as mutaba'ah amal...

if possible i want to make copies of this and distribute to all my sahabat...

Oh, Allah! please give us strengths to change for find Your love!
Please blessed us with Your love O Allah!

wallahu a'lam...

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