Friday, 3 August 2012

two drops and two marks

15 Ramadan 1433


 my mind took too long to generate any idea to post anything in this blog. and always sitting in front of the lappy blogwalking and facebooking. trying to induce my mind to think. so, i just wanna share a hadith told by an imam last night during the teraweeh prayer.
'There is nothing more beloved to Allah than two drops and two marks: A tear shed due to fear of Allah, and a drop of blood spilled in the path of Allah. And as for the two marks, then a mark caused in the path of Allah, and a mark caused by fulfilling one of the duties made obligatory by Allah..
Hasan - collected by at-Tirmidhi and al-Mishkat (3837).


shedding tears is not a sissy thing to do. our noble Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w , who is the best of all creation, would weep as would all his Sahaabah. Tears are a genuine expression of fear of Allah's Punishment and our sincere love and awe of Him, The Almighty. But how often do we remember Allah in seclusion and are moved to tears? how often we count the blessing? have we ever feel shame of asking again, again and again from Allah, that when we raise our hands we can just cry ? How much do we laugh and how little do we weep?

our brothers in sisters in other Islamic country (Syria, Myanmar, Palestine, Somalia etc)
are suffering right now
they are all the time in fear
when we in Malaysia concern about when to stop eating? on Imsak or before adzan Suboh?
there, they doubt either their fast are accepted without suhoor and iftar?
again count the blessing dear!

think about it dear brothers and sisters!
we still have 14 nights before Ramadan leave us
let's wake up and send them dua'a
let's appreciate every second in this Ramadan
let's be stronger and tougher this Ramadan
take the opportunity to wake up early for suhoor
and make at least two rakaah of prayer
especially for those who are currently on holiday
we might never have this leisure time again for the next few years or maybe for the rest of our life :(

let's muhasabah

souce of information:

SHAYKH CRIES FROM QUESTION + SOMALIA + BURMA (fasting/siyaam) (Ramdan 2012, no suhoor or
"Sheikh Abdulaziz Fawzan crying" (this is in arabic which i also didn't understand)
Jangan Bazir Ramadan

please visit the links for enlightenment of the hadith and other issue about Ramadan!
till next time

post ini sangat melempang diri sendiri n smga anda yg membacanya akan terkena lempangan ini jga... :)

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