Saturday, 12 May 2012

tamhidi perubatan


i was an ex-student of tahmhidi perubatan in USIM.
i know there are some usim-student-to-be are searching for information about this.
just like me before...searching for pictures n etc.

first, about ta'ruf week
on the registration day,
go early but not too early
because if you arrive at kolej kediaman early u can choose ur bed :)
upon arriving at stadium tertutup Nilai
wait on the seats in the stadium and watch what people are doing at ground floor
and u'll know what to do
if i'm not mistaken
first u have to submit all the forms and everything that they need
make sure u check everything that they need
if not it will become a havoc to you
esp the form of perjanjian asasi (kut..)
just follow what it needs
with the ballpoint pen
not wet ink
just follow
be obedient!
then, u need to go for photography session
fot the matric card
so wear the taaruf uniform when u go for the registration
pick ur goodies, house key, and matric card
and then,
move to ur kolej kediaman
at my time, it was in kolej kediaman Nilam Court
u have to go there with ur family
it takes about 20 minutes from the STN
if u reach early
u can pack ur things first
because u might not have enough time
as the taaruf days may start on the same day
taaruf in USIM was not really a taaruf
because most of the programs were listening to talks
some might come from politician
it was just 2/3 days
and yes u need to wear the taaruf uniform through the taaruf week
no need to make a lot of pairs because u'll need to wear that just during that period only

parents and family



the only transports during this time is bus
if u want to bring ur own cars or motorcycles
u're allowed but u have to apply for the permission first
it is easier and faster to move if u have ur own transports

about everyday life
8.30-5.30 lectures and tutorial
not everyday is full
on certain days maybe u can go back earlier
or go to campus later
u'll reach kknc about 6.30pm if u ride usim's bus
the journey from main campus to kknc take about 30 minutrs
before that u'll have to perform solat n wait for the bus 'patiently'
so when u arrive at kknc go n buy ur dinner first from the cafe or stalls outside kknc
and eat in ur house with ur housemates
so, at night u can have discussions, revisions, etc
and it rotates again the next day

about the house
or so called apartment
in a house there is 3 rooms with 8 persons (max)
and the beds are double-deckers
my room was a bit small n limited :')
but it was not a big problem though (yeke?)
it also has kitchen, bathroom, toilet, middle space (like living room..maybe)
and place to hang wet clothes
unfortunately i don't have all the pictures...
ur house address would be like this
eg: D-5-1-1
means block D
level no 5
house no 1
and room no 1
usually medic student will got room no 1
which is a room with 4 occupants

the lecturers
they are ohsem!!!
especially Mr. ARHO
(Mr. Abdul Rahim Haji Omar)
he teaches physics

what else??!!

seindah perhiasan

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