Sunday, 15 July 2012

i'm simply stupid


the day i came back from a shopping mall, one question suddenly crossed my mind. can i say i'm not clever?  "aku dah usaha dan nie je yg aku mampu" oh, please! if we really had tried our best, then it's ok. but what if we didn't? how can we be very sure that we really had done our best?

we always complain about our life. sometimes we complain we have so many assignments but weirdly have enough time to watch Korean dramas. sometimes we complain we don't understand the lectures but not willingly to study on our own. sometimes we complain we have bad memories but we frequently eat junk foods. sometimes we complain we feel so far from Allah but we don't make efforts to approach Allah by increasing our ibadah. and so many more.

so, in that case, can we just redha and simply blame on takdir (read: fate)? NO! we must try our best in everything we do.  indeed i believe we actually commit sins by not trying our best. many people say after they got bad results in their exam that it's just Allah wants to test them. yes! it's true. but is Allah just testing us for nothing? no, to increase our level of taqwa. however we shouldn't repeat the same mistakes. "today is better than yesterday" should be our tagline. improvement is a must,  
“Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in 

themselves.” (Quran 13:11) 

"menguasai bukan sekadar mengetahui" this is actually the gist of this post. we should try anything that will help us in achieving what we want. anything as long as it is permitted by Allah. learn from the best. this is a solution to bring Islam to the top again. most of us nowadays just knowing but not mastering in what we learn. that's the problem on why we still cannot repeat the Islam's golden age. i recalled back a talk given by  PROF Madya Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj  , that she said we should make our result as a benchmark to evaluate our relationship with Allah. and i think it is not wrong. especially to those who hold the title of dai'e. stop being a fitnah to Islam. don't make our works in spreading Allah's love as the reason for our failure. indeed we should be an example for our mad'u.

above all, when something had happened it is what Allah had planed for us. but before that we must try our best...


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