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It has been so long since my last post. Too long actually. It’s study week. And everyone is so busy studying. But I don’t know why, the enthusiasm to write suddenly rushed into me. Well, I’ll consider this as an exercise for my English paper. I just want to share some stories.

Story 1

Yesterday (it was Saturday) , I went to campus to accompany my friend to find her purse that was missed placed. Then, we just stayed back to do some revision. It was just two of us and other seniors of us from 4th year and dental students.
So before we went back, we decided to perform Zohor prayer. It was just two of us in the surau.  Oh, I forgot to tell that, the seniors of us had their Hadiths class on that day. So, after they had finished their class, they went to surau to perform their prayers too. My friend and I had already performed our prayers when they came to surau.
Our surau are provided with flip-flops for ambulation. So there were pairs of flip-flops scattered in front of the door plus our ‘trendy’ flip-flops. (we share the same entrance to the surau and my friend and I had the same type of flips). So a conversion happened between the seniors in a loud voice,

Senior 1: lipar ni letok sini jugok ko?
Senior 2: ko ado tino sini?
Senior 3: tino paka lipar gini?! Buruk gilo. Lipar aku come lagi.

Did you understand? Let me translate it,
Senior 1: are these slippers are put here too ?(referring to ours)
Senior 2: or there is any girl here? (suspecting that flips belong to girls who are praying behind the curtain. He can’t see us.)
Senior 3: girl wearing such slippers? It is extremely ugly. Mine is cuter.

I was like, ‘what? How dare you insult my foot wear (I don’t know what kind it is actually)’. But guys, you must understand, for us, girls, we like those kind of flips because it is comfortable. Anyway, he made me smile all day actually. Just if he sees my friend and I wearing those foot wear in campus. And I don’t think that guy will read my blog my by the way. Haha..

the gorgeous flip. please don't say that you agree with my seniors!

Story 2

Last few days, my friends and I rented a taxi. What caught our attention was the driver himself. He was a doctor. A phd holder in chemistry from overseas.

 So, at the beginning, from the way he speak, I had already suspected he was not an ordinary person. Suddenly he lend me his business card, stated on that card a title doctor in front of his name, followed by ‘phd, chemistry’. He told us that he has insomnia since he was 13. The longest period he can awake is four days. He said that, maybe this is why he can study until phd for nine years with scholarship.

He has his own company, where he works during day hour while  at night, he will drive taxi that was belong to his late father. I think he is a workaholic.

Story 3

This story is not really a story that really recently happened. It is just a continuous story that reappears. During, our matriculation level there is a guy, who told us that the girls were practicing assabiyah (a term used for people who like to be in their own group only without wanting to mingle with others). Maybe he was referring to our seats in the lecture hall.

I know he has good intention that, he wants us to mingle with others so that the one which is more pious can spread the da’wah to others. But there is something that boys don’t understand about girls. Something that even sometimes I also don’t understand. Scientists believe that the blame should be given to the fluctuation in the hormone. XD.

I believe that girls are made to be attached to person that they trust and comfortable with. That’s why we can see that, they are more attaching to their family and even more loyal to their partner. It’s a bless actually.

But still, he got point, we must not attach ourselves to anything. We should just attach to Allah. Read the first chapter of ‘Reclaim Your Heart’ by Yasmin Mogahed. Being attach to people who are temporary will always break our heart. That's why we need to be just attach to Allah who is eternal. Thus, we must dare to change, if that will bring goodness for Islam.

Ibrah (lessons)

Well, I don’t know whether my writing will made any sense on you, readers or not, but for myself I think, sometimes man are just form Mars, and woman from Venus. There are always many things that we are not agree to each other. The key for us to live in harmony is to understand each other.( I’m referring to story 1 and 3) Ok?!

And never underestimate people even he is taxi driver. 

 I know my english has deteriorated lately.  =(
Btw, please pray for my success!

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