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Nota Tarbiyyah dari OPKIM Kuala Kedah

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

(al-Hujurat , 13)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. It has been so so long since my last post ^_^ . Life has been so unexpected i thought. By the way, just finished with OPKIM in Kuala Kedah and thought to share some memories that i got there. In the moment I wrote this, my friends and I stilll can't 'move on'. Still thinking about our memories there and i suppose this will end in few days more. Ok, here goes my writing on Nota Tarbiyyah dari OPKIM Kuala Kedah.


Friday, 13th March 2015

One day before OPKIM, we were still 'battling' in exam hall for our mid sem exam. Thus, the whole week were spent mostly on our preparation for that exam. Thus, when one of my seniors told that she missed her OPKIM,  i was 'oh yeah?! Why? Is it so fun? but i don't feel like going.

After exam, we proceed with our choir's practice for performance during OPKIM. Initially, we planned to do Boria but it happened to be that we got lots of challenges that at last minute we changed it to choir. Well, as we grow older, we must learn that things are not going to be as we always want it to be. Most of the time we must expect the unexpected. Life is full of mysteries and we will not always get what we want. OPKIM teached me a lot about this lesson. However it doesn't mean that we shouldn't plan.

At 11 pm , we departed to SK Seberang Nyonya, Kedah for a ceremony to handle us to our foster families. I remebered when we were told that we were going to stay with foster families, we were so offended but not until we got to know them. Me and three of my friends were adopted by mama and abah which are very kind. Mama from the first time we met already acknowledged us as her daughters and asked us to call her 'mama'.

Saturday, 14th March 2015

Home visit

We were divided into three big groups. One to Anak Bukit, one to Pengkalan Kundor and one to Kubang Rotan. I was in Penglan Kundor. So, our first activity was home visit. Some of the houses that belong to the villagers that are sick were chosen to be visited by us. The home visits were intended to teach us on how to communicate better with the communities. Before we began our visit Dr SZ briefed us on how the visit should be conducted.

We were divided into two groups, one group with Dr ZA and another group with Dr SZ and Dr A. And i was with Dr ZA. Since the tranportations were not enough some of us (including me) needed to ride with Dr ZA.The journey only took few minute. Once we arrived there, Dr ZA was the one that talk a lot with the house owner while we were just watching on what he was doing. So after few minutes spending there, we moved to next house. and again we needed to ride with Dr ZA. Thus, this conversation happened between us.

Dr           ::korang takut ea tengok patient tadi. senyap je kat rumah tadi.
Student 1: tak lah. kitorang tak tahu nak tanya apa.
Dr          :  korang tak yah tipu la. saya pun pernah jadi student macm korang
Student 2: Kitorang takut tertanya soalan yang tak sepatutnya,
Dr          : You know what are the tips so that you tak tersalah tanya soalan?! You must care enough to the                   patient. (ada) beza orang yang tanya saja2 dengan orang yang tanya sebab memang dia nak tahu.

I can't remember what were the next conversation. At the second house, we were the one that came into the house first. It took some time before Dr came in. Probably Dr wanted to give us chances to start the conversation with the house owner. Thus, many of us tried to have small talks with the house owner but i would say we still need a lot of practices. Heh. When the doctor was in the house, he will triggered us from the back with questions.

Back from the second which was also the last house, we were requested to distribute pamplet on our activities for the next day from house to house by walking until we reacehed our centre at Pak Leh's house. So, Dr ZA send us half way. On the short journey, one of my friends asked Dr ZA one question that I thought worth sharing.

A:  Dr saya nak tanya, Dr pernah tak tersalah tanya soalan?
Dr: mestilah pernah, Dr tak lahir-lahir terus jadi Dr. Dr pun pernah buiat silap.Do not afraid to make mistakes. Semua Dr pernah buat silap

The journey was so short, that in the blink of eyes we arrived at our destination. I hope the journey was longer that we can have longer conversation. Sobs. Sobs.

Majlis bacaan Yaasin

That evening we were invited to attend a feast that was organized by one of the villagers. We were tortured with lots of food. T_T

Majlis perasmian pembukaan

Done with that feast, we needed to attend opening ceremony that was inaugurated by Dato' Dr. Norhizan bin Ismail, Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri Kedah. That night we needed to perform the choir while males students performed choral speaking which our deputy dean described as "interesting performance from the boys and superb performance from the girls".


After that mama and abah brought us strolling around Alor Setar. We were brought to Istana Anak Bukit, Masjid Zahir and Padang Court. On the way back home, we were already fallen asleep that on the next day mama and abah said that they were talking alone. ^_^

15th March 2015


The next day we started our morning by waliking 10 000 steps around Kampung Kebun Pinang which is one of the Komuniti Sihat Perkasa Negara (KOSPEN) programme.

Medical Check-up

Not sure what had happened that we were unable to conduct the medical check-up on that day but it's ok, OPKIM is not only about medical check up by the way. While medical check-up was being conducted, suddenly a van which belong to JPAM sent a pak cik with blood on his head. Initially we were panick, luckily there were doctors and nurses around.

Done giving treatment to the unlucky pak cik, Dr SZ kindly teached us what is in the first aid kit. It all started because we were unable to lend him the kit when he asked for it in addition that we didn't know how to give first aid. I felt very bad actually especially  after knowing that giving first aid is citizen's responsibilities. It is a shame that a medical student don't how to perform it. Sigh. Besides, Dr SZ also gave us some tips on how to be confident. However our 'usrah' was interrupted by an announcement to call for lucky draws.

Next, we proceeded with what we were doing before and I was sitting at blood pressure counter that suddenly Dr. ZA came to us and asked me to check his blood pressure.

Dr :  Check blood pressure sy.  Check saya jangan sampai saya sakit.

Dush, adrenaline suddenly rushed into my blood stream. Huhu. But I just do it as calm as possible.  >_<

Suddenly, Dr SZ came to us asking Dr ZA to give speech on how to handle stress to the community. Then, Dr SZ replaced Dr ZA's seat before my friend began to ask him to continue what he was going said before our 'usrah' was interrupted before. Alhamdulillah he was not reluctant to share with us. However it attracted others to join us that the crowd became bigger and we needed to move to another place. After Dr. ZA finished his talk, he joined us too that we need to move to another place. It was like we were having usrah. These are some tips that I remembered from that usrah.

1. Tips on to ask ackward questions
-care enough to the patient
-be interested ( do differentiate between interested and interrogated)

2. Do not be perfectionist
-jangan buat kerja Tuhan
-jangan takut buat salah. our job is to the best, and let Allah decide our destiny.

3.Confident is all about how you project yourself
-learn how to cheat yourself

4. In any situation, DO NOT PANIC!

In conclusion. that usrah were so inspiring to me.

Khidmat kepada masjid

After having some rest and lunch, we went to the nearest masjid to giive some services to the masjid. However not much we can do there beside cleaning the fan, floor and toilets.

Tea break with abah

That evening we were able to spend some time at mama and abah's house. Abah talk to us a lot about the village and his experience being a principal. One of the stories that I thought worth sharing is on how he solved the attendance problem in his school. He organized lucky draw contest so that only student with 100% attendance for that particular month will be nominated to the lucky draw and it worked. Even the excellence percentage also incresed.

Sunset and Gunung Jerai

After that we were brought to watch sunset and Gunung Jerai behind the house. Subhanallah it was so beautiful just like in Nur Kasih's drama only that the paddy field was not green.

BBQ, Motivation, Drawing and Sifira

Our last activity was to conduct some motivation session along with bbq, drawing and sifira.

16th March 2015

5 stars

Last day in Kedah, we felt sad to leave. Too much sweet memories there. Mama and abah had accepted us into their family. They treat us like their own children. We owed them very much.

'Anak tunggal'
10.45 am, the buses departed to KL. Some of us including me chose not to go back to KL but to go to our hometown straight away from Kedah including me. Thus, I was leaved alone in the family. Mama and abah brought me to stroll around Kuala Kedah and find some good food. I was brought to a food stall named Ikan Temenung Panas. The food was delicious and cheap.

Menumpang kasih

After that, I requsted from abah and mama to stay at Pak Leh's house with my other friends so that we can go together to the bus station.I actually did not want to trouble abah and mama. During my stay at Pak Leh's house we had some time to chit chat with Pak Leh and his wife. I did asked Pak Leh, if we came again what would he expected from us to do. Pak Leh said that, he hoped that we can give more awareneness the the communtiy about health and unity. Abah and Pak Leh definitely make me feel that our OPKIM is not enough to help the communtiy there.

Before my friend and I were sent to the bus station we were brought to Pekan Rabu and Padang Court. Pak Leh and his wife did bought us food for us to bring home.


In a nut shell, OPKIM had gave me infinity memorable memories. Even we were the one that supposed to gave 'khidmat masyarakat' but for me the communty has became great teachers to us. Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal.

Salam Kedah Serata-rata

*tried my best to quote the original conversation. sorry for any defect.

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